Saturday, October 13, 2007

chotukhan pathan victim of maharashtra police atrocities-VJAS moved MHRC for justice

chotukhan pathan victim of maharashtra police atrocities-VJAS moved MHRC for justice

on 60th independence day celebration in yavatmal-mahrashtra one chotukhan pathan of ralegoan who came to give representation to guardian minister manohar naik was beaten by police then he consumed poison before guardian minister protesting against the continuation of police excesses against him as one sdop tidke has booked number of false cases against him and his brothers as he has raised voice against rampant corruption of police .chotukhan pathan died after one hour that is around 10 am,on 15th august 2007 then this news was big flash in all marathi news channels and after two days there was a big all party rally organized before yavatmal collectorate and smt.abha shukla colloctor yavatmal has promised to conduct SDM level independent enquiry of this suicide before minister but till date neither police nor administrtion has taken cognizance of this serious event .chotukhan pathan is one of the victim of police atrocities to curb voice against policeraj ,which has resulted the unfortunate suicide .

maharashtra police is not even ready to take taken against irresponsible conduct of police officer who allow chotukhan to consume poison before guardian minister of yavatmal manohar naik .even after 45 days local administration has also not initiated any action against erring officer even after the big protest and huge cry from the media.vidarbha jan andolan samiti(VJAS) has moved maharashtra human right commission-MHRC demanding the complete investigation of police excesses that lead chotukhan pathan to take this extreme step of killing himself before guardian minister at the function of independence day.we will move criminal writ petition in high court too kishor tiwari of VJAS informed in a press release as there is clear cut very strong evidence of culpable homicide by the police this is unjust with minority mahrashtra police and all political parties are not taking the issue seriously but they will have to pay heavy cost this innocent victimization and protection corrupt of police office ,kishor tiwari added.
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